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Data Science & Audience Insight

Offers a third-party database with over 1.5 billion billion profiles, based on behavioral criteria.

Building behavior-based profiles - anonymous profiles are compliantly (ePrivacy/GDPR) created through a network of publisher and data provider partnerships. Every single profile is built through an advanced linguistic process, allowing Weborama to enrich these profiles with over 200 different fields of behavioral-based interest. 

200+ fields of behavioral-based interest

Each one of these fields of interest are calculated with a value from 0 (no interest) to 20 (highly interested). Additional behavioral scoring based on your specific brand or platform makes this a truly unique profile engine.

Socio-demographic value

Through the largest consumer panel, socio-demographic value is added to the database. This combination of data sources makes Weborama the leading third-party data company in the Netherlands.

This data source is available for all Weborama Audience Manager clients for targeting or prospecting purposes. We are connected, certified, and synchronized with all major DSPs, SSPs, and adservers.

Service & Technique

At Weborama, you will find the talent, knowledge, and skills to guide you through all the steps of data-driven marketing

Since 1999

Our international team was built in 1999 and is continuously trained on the latest technical and marketing techniques

100% support

Both our engineers and our commercial colleagues are there to support you in the process.

From training to executing

We offer all possible help with data-driven marketing, from training to executing your full plan in house.