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Data Management Platform

Create marketing segments with your 1st party and our 3rd party data.

The Weborama platform enables advertisers to create audience segments from media, website, and/or CRM data. It also offers unique insights into these audiences and has a wide variety of ad serving measurements and reporting options. Our full stack platform is a combination of the following three products:

Audience Manager

A data management platform that establishes marketing segmentations for advertisers, their agencies, and publishers.

Audience Insight

A tool for analyzing audience behavior on Internet sites.

Campaign Manager

An ad serving and multichannel tracking tool for management and optimization of advertising campaigns and creation and collection of the media data.

All products are built onto our big data platform, BigSea. This platform builds profiles and is endlessly scalable.

It is used around the globe by major advertisers, agencies, and publishers.


First-party data


Third-party data