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Brand New Rich Media

New formats with high impact.

Online Rich Media formats have impact on your brand and products! By continuously improving and innovating, we aim to maintain this effectiveness and to keep delivering powerful formats and new possibilities for your campaigns.

Keep surprising your target audience with the newest and most innovative Rich Media formats.

This page will be updated regularly with our newest formats and creative concepts.

Marktplaats HPTO XXL

  • Marktplaats only
  • Paginabrede pushdown
  • Video optioneel
Show item

Billboard Launch

  • Desktop Expandables reinvented
  • Use the big canvas (970x750) for animation, video and more.
  • Expands on user intended rollover or click
Show item

Native Outstream Ad

  • Crossdevice web 16:9 video or VAST tag
  • Buy Direct or Programmatic at Sanoma, Dazn, TMG and soon more
  • Start and play only in viewable state (>50%)
  • CPM model
Show item

Mobile Scratchbanner

  • Interactive
  • Format: 320x240
  • A lot of creative possibilities

Show item

MVP (Mobile Video Portrait)

  • Edge to edge on every smartphone
  • Vertical video
  • Use your Instagram video
  • Starts only when the ad is viewable
Show item


  • Mobile WEB
  • Animation and video both possible
  • Smaller version of Interscroller (100% x 250 px)

Show item

Content Widget Sanoma

  • Non-intrusive
  • Native ad
  • Exclusive at Sanoma
  • Responsive format
Show item


Exclusief bij Mannenmedia

Hoge attentiewaarde

Ook geschikt voor video

Show item

Weeronline Canvas Scroller Ad

  • Wallpaper or Video version
  • Lots of space avalible for wallpaper (or video) with impact
  • Cross-Device, for landscape and portrait mode
Show item

Frames Scroller

  • Displays mutliple frames depending to the vertical position within the viewport
  • Choise between using video or pictures
  • Play when scrolling
Show item

De Telegraaf HPTO (Cross-device)

  • Cross-Device
  • Modern Full-width header
  • 100% share of voice
Show item

InApp Parallax

  • InApp Alternative for the Interscroller
  • Extra attention with the parallex effect in the back and pops out the forefront
  • Available in the main Dutch Apps
  • Animation and video are both possible
Show item

Video Progress Bar

  • By default in all Weborama video templates
  • Manage user expectations 
  • LEAN: non-invasive, more user interaction
Show item

Deck of Cards with video

  • Multiple videos in one banner
  • Storytelling on mobile with video
  • Based on the mobile deck of cards template
Show item

The Next Web - Video Scroller

  • Impactful format with a video (16:9 or 9:16)
  • Based on the canvas scroller ad
  • Exclusively at The Next Web
Show item

The Next Web – Canvas Scroller ad

  • Exclusively for The Next Web
  • Cross-device
  • Choosing a meaningful image for this banner will have a lot of impact
Show item

Interscroller *update*

  • Improved and more options to choose from
  • Extra options: Parallax effect (front images move over the background), change the viewport
  • Non-intrusive format
Show item

Center Expandable Halfpage Ad

  • More space for your content
  • Expands with a layer
  • Mouse-over effect
Show item

In-app Miniscroller

  • Exclusively for
  • Choice of effects such as parallax, video or buttons that appear when you scroll
Show item

Mobile Spotlight

  • Mobile version of the Desktop half page dimmer
  • Highlights the banner when it is visible
  • Very high visibility
  • Shadow color can be changed
Show item

9292 HTML Takeover

  • Klikbare wallpaper met veel impact
  • Optimale visibility
  • Cross-device
Show item

Deck of Cards

  • Mobile format
  • Swipe feature (left and right)
  • Lots of space for your own content

Show item

HTML Vpaid

  • HTML5 template
  • Pre-roll contributing to a higher brand awareness
  • Social button integration, game elements, videos
Show item

APTO Full-width Header and Skins (1800x1000)

  • Full-width header connecting to skins
  • Skins have scalable content
  • Shared background connecting header and skins, even when the header position shifts
  • Click to fullscreen layer and video is a possibility
Show item

OVX: Outstream Video Experience

  • Video aspect ratio is 16:9
  • Same impact as pre-rolls on YouTube
  • Background is black to put more focus on the video
  • Video is skippable after 3 seconds with a reminder in the endframe
  • Fullscreen video mode
  • Built-in events that register: start, progress and TrueView
  • Cross-device
  • VAST-compliant, 20-second video max
  • User-friendly reminder when scrolling
  • Available premium and programmatic with a Deal ID
Show item

Cross-device Superheader (1800x200)

  • Full-width header
  • Cross-device
  • Premium position on top of page
  • Sticky, video, and close button are possible
  • Publishers: Mannenmedia, RTL, TMG, Marktplaats, Sanoma, Adfactor, Zoover/Weeronline
Show item

Billboard Video Scroller

  • Non-intrusive
  • Reminder when user starts scrolling down
  • Scalable
  • Publishers: Sanoma, TMG, Mannenmedia
Show item

Mannenmedia - Inarticle advertorial

  • High click-through rate
  • High visibility
  • Native advertising for Mannenmedia
Show item

IAB Portrait ad

  • Cross-device
  • Different combinations of elements possible
  • High customer journey experience

This cross-device banner consists of four different sizes: 300 x 100, 300 x 450, 300 x 250, and 300 x 250. These elements can be used separately on mobile and tablet, or can be combined on a desktop to create one big portrait ad sized 300 x 1050. Each element can consist of the following snippets:

  • Slider, video, store locator, click to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram
Show item

Canvas Ad

  • Mobile half page to fullscreen layer
  • Six slides, horizontally and vertically
  • High interaction rate
Show item

Vertical Video

  • Vanuit een 320×240 formaat
  • Stoort niet dankzij ingebouwde interscroller
  • Volledig afspelen van je video
Show item

TMG - Advertorial

  • Formats: 300 x 250 or 300 x 600
  • Swipe feature or video is possible
Show item

NRC - Pushdown Header

  • 100% Width
  • Expands after click
  • High visibility
Show item

360 Video

  • Cross-device
  • In-app and mobile web compliant
  • Easy to produce
  • Choose between a 360˚ video or 360˚ image
Show item

Real Time Bidding Frame ad

  • Programmatic
  • Scalable content
  • Publishers: Sanoma, De Persgroep
Show item - Roadblock Pushdown

  • Full width header
  • IAB LEAN format
  • Expands mouse-over
  • High visibility
Show item


  • Reminder appears once user starts scrolling down
  • 99% visibility thanks to reminder
  • Click to lightbox is possible
Show item

Disney Finding Dory - Mobile Game

  • High interaction rate
  • High engagement rate
  • Mobile gyroscope
  • Game element
Show item


  • Op basis van geo-locatie of postcode
  • Goed inzetbaar voor grote ketens (bouwmarkten, dealers, food)
  • Toepasbaar op meerdere rich media formaten
Show item

Shake to Video

  • Interactive—New content appears after shake
  • Uses gyroscope feature
  • High interaction rate
Show item

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