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BigFish - discover hidden trends in brand data

Posted on April 09, 2018

How do you explore business opportunities in an ever-growing amount of data? The solution: BigFish - a Digital Insights tool that visualizes emerging trends from both online and offline channels. Finally, a clear way for brands to expand their reach and to discover new strategies.

Digital Insights tool BigFish applies to all digital information generated by and about brands and their competitors. With all these data, it is possible to observe emerging trends you wouldn’t have thought of, and to quickly discover your brand’s position amidst competition.

This is how it works: the tool measures the brand’s current reach by retrieving hundreds of thousands of keywords from all available channels in real time, both online and offline: by loading text files (e.g. transcriptions of videos or calls from call centres) you can also easily analyze these types of data.

Intuitive insights

In a visually attractive manner, trends are presented into clearly structured segments. BigFish works intuitively and without the need to technically install or adjust anything by the brand.

By zooming in on segments or by combining them, you get even more new, valuable insights. These insights can be used to sharpen or even renew the positioning of a brand, product or service - or they can serve the purpose of a guide to a new content or creation strategy. Because of the segmentation, it’s also possible to activate specific audiences by targeting.

Launch and development

BigFish was launched after a year of extensive analysis. It was supported by Weborama's more than 15 years of experience with developing linguistic algorithms for analyzing huge amounts of data. Now the Digital Insights tool has been deployed in dozens of insights projects with the largest brands worldwide.

Cases and competitive analyses

For instance, Heineken analyzed its position versus other big breweries in Mexico. UBS researched upcoming markets and in Russia, Heinz did a Big Fish analysis to discover which recipes for baby food would fit the customer’s demand best. These are just a few examples of cases that got answers which at that time were not fully existent.