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Weborama overbids Amazon to aquire Sizmek AdServer and DCO

Posted on June 07, 2019

Dear Valued Customer:

This is to inform you that our company just announced its intention to top Amazon’s bid for Sizmek Ad Server and DCO, with the vision of building the independent alternative the advertising industry needs.

As you know, Weborama is a leading European tech and data company, which serves global clients in the fields of Ad Serving, DMP and state-of-the-art Semantic AI. We believe marketers and agencies need an independent, neutral and transparent Adserver player, able to serve as a fair alternative to dominant offerings. The same applies to talent who, when given the choice, might opt to join a dedicated close-knit company whose sole craft is to help raise the bar of precision marketing.

Teaming up with Sizmek, Weborama wants to provide you with such an alternative, powered by dedicated cutting-edge technologies. Today, Weborama makes a financial commitment, taking into account what is at stake for the industry as a whole: Choice must prevail.

We want to thank you in advance for your continued support and partnership.

Best Regards,

Nomkwazi Hooplot Alain Levy
Country Manager CEO