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Impact Marketplace - Inventory app

Posted on February 01, 2021

We are happy to introduce the new interactive web app by Impact Marketplace. Through a web interface users get realtime information on the available inventory in the marketplace and gives users the opportunity to filter on format, category and publisher before exporting the selection to a URL list in spreadsheet format. Keep an overview on what’s available all the time and build your up to date whitelists in no time.

The overview is always realtime so looking for your old spreadsheets is history. If new websites or formats are available on the network the web app is the first place to find them. When you've created the whitelist you can get your PMP deals straight from the interface as well. If you're a Programmatic Rich Media buyer, this is app is a must have.

You can get your login details via sales@weborama.nl! More information can be found here on our support page.