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Interaction through stories and functionality

Posted on January 24, 2022

The possibilities within Rich Media are endless, but for me (Lenna) generating interaction is perhaps the best part. Creative agencies are also going wild with the possibilities in this area! This way we can even vote for the Creative Agency of The Year this week.

Before we know who will win the honorary title "Creative Agency 2021", I would like to take you through some creations that have struck me personally over the past year in terms of interaction. Rich Media is of course ideal for inviting the user to interact. We also regularly receive questions about this for inspiration, because the possibilities are really unique within the market. I noticed that the creatives that had caught my attention fall into two categories. Interaction is used to create a feeling, atmosphere or world, and interactions that are more focused on functionality. We'll start with three examples where the obvious goal is to make the user part of a story.

Disney+ - Encanto
This creative sets the mood of the film well by making use of the possibilities within Rich Media. The interaction is in the button 'Click to dance' that invites you to interact. After this, the movie characters come and dance in and out of the picture.

Eneco - Heel Nederland Schakelt Om
Communicating three stories at the same time is also possible! In this APTO, the urgency for sustainability is addressed through three different arguments. The user can choose which one to play.

Cartoon Network - Jellystone
In this billboard, the world of Jellystone is actually presented in miniature. The Drag&Drop functionality is used to explore the world in question. A fun way to get to know the characters!

In addition to examples with the goal of making the users part of a story, there are also plenty of creations that are more focused on functionality. Let's take three as an example to show this!

Kruidvat - Make-Up
In this APTO, Kruidvat wants to show what the products of the new make-up line are. By using sliders and, for example, the spotlight that turns on as soon as your cursor is near, the user is invited to find out what the different options are.

Bol.com - Keuzehulp
September is all about the start of education, and Bol.com tries to help choose the right laptop through this creative. By answering questions, you go through the selection process and you get advice!

KPN - iPhone 13 Pro
This campaign for the latest iPhones also offers help in making decisions. Clear graphics in combination with exploring the possible colors make this creative very interesting

As you can see in this selection, helping the user make choices is a recurring theme in terms of functionality. With often a huge range of choices, this is quite an effective approach!

Last tip: use custom events to measure interactions. This can be interesting information, so let us know if you want to measure specific things in terms of interaction so we can help and make sure it all works.

Do you have questions/comments about the information above or do you want advice regarding the various possibilities? Please contact us via sales@weborama.nl.